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Jiangsu Dalen Electronics Co., Ltd.,  New Year wishes!


In the face of complex economic situation, Dalen under the correct leadership of the management and scientific decision-making, in close collaboration with various departments and all employees Efforts, the successful completion of the work. Achievements and the efforts and support of all of you are inseparable! The next two years will be competing industry The most intense period of struggle, the big fish eat, fast fish eat slow fish, it will be the industry norm. 2014, will be led off the development of the lighting industry Key year, but also the future development of the decision Dalen year. Faced with the opportunities and challenges, we only firm to implement the company's operating philosophy, Promoting the work carried out by action in order to achieve the company's career development. In this, I hope that prudent, persistent efforts, with wisdom And sweat to make greater achievements in the Dalen the big stage! Harbor dreams, shouldering responsibility, we have been on the road, and the company in a joint Long process, every Dalen people have become the executor of our responsibility and mission. Future, let us share the success and social And values​​, let us win more respect for people with action!

 Finally, I wish my colleagues Horse down and good luck!