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The deepening cooperation between Dalen and Panasonic

The year 2015 is a high speed developing year for DALEN, during which DALEN has several big actions, such as the continuous cooperation with the international big brands Panasonic, WOFI in Germany,etc.

Panasonic showed great recognition and trust on DALEN at the aspects of technical R&D, ability of design, production technology and quality control, etc. This time Panasonic moreover chose several of our models to cooperate, which further expand our cooperation field and strengthened the depth of cooperation.
Quality appeal is always our focal point, and the cooperation with all these international big brands is beneficial for promoting the continuous improvement and upgrading of our products. DALEN will research, develop and design more new products with greater efforts, and also treat every order production with professional and serious attitude, strictly check and inspect the product quality, in order to approach the win-win cooperation.

In less than three years, DALEN products have been hot sale in Japan, Singapore, Germany, etc those more than 76 countries and regions. The brand influence of DALEN is becoming bigger and stronger.